Front Desk: Read Aloud Discussion Questions



Are you using Front Desk as read aloud this year? It is a wonderful novel that can lead to lively classroom discussions with your students! Front Desk discussion questions will help you get the conversations started after you read each chapter aloud.

These Front Desk chapter questions are not meant for students to answer on their own. They are to be thought about and discussed in partners, groups or as a whole class.

These questions for the Front Desk novel are not meant to be a comprehension check or used as a written response. They are thought-provoking and interactive. The questions do not have right or wrong answers. They are written to incite conversation and debate amongst your students, as you guide them.

There are templates for you to print the questions out on post-it notes, making it easy for you to stick each set of questions right in the book!

The Front Desk book is a great one to share with your students!

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