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Reading at home can make a huge difference for your students, yet family time is just as important for young children. Take Home Book Bags allow for everyone in a household to learn together and create life-long readers out of parents and kids alike.

This book bag provides a STEM (or STEAM) challenge for families to complete as a hands-on collaboration project. It is a motivating, engaging activity that promotes higher level thinking.

This Book Bag Includes:
– sample list of books about submarines
– writing journal pages
– 3-4 journal prompts about submarines
– a STEAM/STEM submarine challenge
– a design sheet
– list of interactive family activities
– 5 different reflection sheets

I created Take Home Book Bags for my own students when I realized that I was asking my students to read at home, however, they didn’t all have access to their own books. I wanted an organized system that allowed for me to share my own books, but not lose them!

I also wanted to provide engaging activities for my students, without sending them home with more work after a busy day at school. Take Home Book Bags bring reading to life. It allows students to make connections with their books while creating memories with their families.

What Teachers Are Saying:

 “A fun way to integrate learning at school and at home and to get kids sharing their school work with their parents.”

 “Our school is going full STEM next year and I could really use some helpful tools! I’m so pumped about this!!

 “I want to incorporate take home family engagement and this is perfect!”

Take Home Book Bags Can Be Used For:
✓ Reading Homework
✓ Guided Reading Groups
✓ Literature Circles
✓ STEM Classrooms

This Resource is Helpful For:
✓ General Education Teachers
Use the book bags as an alternative to reading homework.
✓ STEM & STEAM Teachers
Use the book bags as a literature connection to the STEM class or as an alternative to homework.
✓ Counselors
Use the book bags as a way to have conversations with children about their emotions.
✓ Special Education Teachers
Use these book bags as with students in small group sessions, as they are easily differentiated.
✓ Reading Teachers
Use these book bags as with individual students or in small group sessions to teach specific skills.
✓ Homeschool Families
Guide students with individual themes or authors.

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